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What's a NTRP Rating?

  • August 21, 2022 3:04 PM
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    How can I get a NTRP rating. I live near DU.

  • January 06, 2017 7:46 PM
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    VP WPTC (Administrator)

    What's a NTRP Rating?

    USTA League and Tournaments use NTRP Ratings to make match play more enjoyable for everyone.  NTRP stands for National Tennis Ratings Program. 

    A NTRP Rating is a numeric identifier that categorizes a player's tennis ability, and helps players identify at which level to play.  

    The NTRP scale begins at 1.5 (a novice) and peaks at 7.0 (world class).

    If you plan on playing USTA Leagues or Tournaments, you will have to get a NTRP Rating.

    Learn more about the various NTRP Ratings to understand what makes one player a 3.0 and another a 4.5.

    When Does Your NTRP Rating Change?

    At the end of each year, the ratings of all USTA Players are recalculated and posted.  

    Lookup a Player's NTRP Rating

    Only NTRP Ratings are OFFICIAL

    Only NTRP Ratings are official for USTA League and/or Tournament play. TLS Ratings ARE NOT OFFICIAL. TLS Ratings are generated by an independent party. Although it's fun/interesting to look at your rating on this site, it is purely a novelty. TLS is not affilitated with or endorsed by USTA.

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