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Leagues: What are they and who can play?

What are USTA Leagues?

Tennis Leagues are a way for recreational tennis players to compete against each other.  Players join a league team which then is scheduled to play head-to-head team matches against other league teams on a regularly scheduled day and time (ex. Monday nights at 6pm).  See more information at USTA Colorado.

Types of Leagues

There are several different types of USTA sanctioned leagues available to play on throughout the season.  Each league has it's own specific calendar of deadlines, season start & end, day & time of play and post-season play (if applicable).

WPTC helps organize players into teams to play on most of the available USTA sanctioned leagues offered in the Denver Metro area, including... 



WPTC does not currently organize teams for these leagues:

For more information on the details of each league, click through on the respective link.

Who can play on USTA sanctioned leagues?

The leagues are open to all players with an NTRP level from 2.5 to 5.0. The league divisions include mixed doubles, men, women, seniors, twilight, super seniors, and more recently, team tennis. 

To play in a USTA sanctioned league, a player has to...

  1. Join or be a member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association).

    You won't be able to register for a league team until your USTA membership is current.  So if you plan on playing league tennis you should make sure to join USTA and keep your membership current.  

    USTA Membership - Join or Renew 

  2. Find a team to play on.

    Wash Park Tennis Club has a long history of helping organize teams and individual players without a team. However, in order to be on a WPTC League Team, you must join WPTC and keep your membership current. 

    To play on a WPTC team in a USTA sanctioned league, a player must join or be a current paid member of the Washington Park Tennis Club.
WPTC Membership - Join or Renew

Being a club member does not guarantee you a spot on a team.  Team captains voluntarily organize a team, of which they may already have a full roster.

3.  Consider being a Wash Park Captain

Captains have a full plate when organizing their team and season.  We recognize this and reimburse captains their WPTC membership fee after the season.

Here are USTA Colorado's Captain's Resources.

WPTC League Team Requirements

Anyone playing a USTA league match on a WPTC team must be registered on the team's roster on TennisLink (prior to playing the match).

Anyone playing on a WPTC league team must be a current year member.

Team captains are required to meet both the Colorado District League Regulations minimum number of players requirement as well as the WPTC minimum roster requirements listed below.

WPTC Team Minimums

10 player minimum

  • USTA Adult 18 & Over
  • USTA Adult 40 & Over

8 player minimum

  • USTA Mixed 18 & Over
  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over
  • ITA Mixed Doubles
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over

7 player minimum

  • Trio
  • CTA Women's 2.5 League
  • CTA Twilight

Playing on More Than One Team

Most of us tennis "junkies" want to play as much tennis as possible, so we look to join multiple teams.  It's totally fine and acceptable to play on multiple teams, however for any given league (listed above), a player may only register to play on one team in that league. So if you want to play on more than one team, each team has to be in a different league.


You CAN play simultaneously for 2 different teams in 2 different leagues.

  • Team A - USTA Adult 18 & Over
  • Team B - USTA Mixed 18 & Over

You CANNOT play simultaneously for 2 different NTRP Rating teams in the same league.

  • Team A - USTA Adult 18 & Over - 3.0
  • Team B - USTA Adult 18 & Over - 3.5

How Far Can A League Team Advance? 

How far a winning team can advance is based on the host organization of that league, which is typically in the name or title of the league. Most leagues start with either USTA, ITA or CTA in the name. 

  • Winning teams in leagues with USTA in the name, can advance as far as the National Championships facilitated by the United States Tennis Association. 

  • Winning teams in leagues with ITA in the name can advance as far as Sectional Championships.

  • Winning teams in leagues with CTA in the name can advance as far as District Championships. 
See Colorado USTA for more information.

SCORE! WPTC Team Bonus

WPTC Teams advancing to Sectionals and Nationals will be eligible for financial support to help pay for some travel/lodging expenses.  The amount of support is at the Board's discretion.

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