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The Challenge

Every year, Wash Park Tennis Club and Lakewood Tennis Association face off in a head-to-head battle of the clubs! The winning club not only takes home the annual trophy, but more importantly has bragging rights for 365 days!


  1.  Players must play for ONLY 1 club.
    1. If a player is a member of both clubs, they must choose which club they will represent in The Challenge.
    2. A player may not play for one club in one match and the other club in a second match on the same day.

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  2. Match Teams
    1. Each match will be played by 2 players from each club
    2. Two match teams playing against each other must have a combined NTRP rating equal to each other.  (ex.  7.0 vs. 7.0, 7.5 vs. 7.5, etc)
    3. Each match team can be made up of any combination of genders (women, men, or mixed), as long as their combined NTRP rating is equal to the opposing match team’s.
  3. When a match is short a player
    1. If a team is short a player, the next available person on the sub list who is at the same level as the missing player will substitute.
    2. If there is not a person at the same level available on the sub list, a volunteer of the same level from those not scheduled to play in the following round will be recruited.

 The Rules for Match Play

  1. Each match will consist of a total of 8 games.
    • Each person will serve only 2 of the 8 games played.
    • This should NOT be confused with an 8-game Pro Set. 
  2. No Ad scoring will be used. 
    • Points within a game are called out as 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • When a game reaches 3-3 (or “deuce”), whichever team wins the next point wins that game.
  3. Who receives when a game reaches deuce…
    • The team that is behind in number of games won decides which player will receive serve.
    • If the number of games won is tied, the receiving team decides which player will receive serve.
    • There is NO requirement for gender-to-gender serving if it’s a mixed doubles match.
  4. No match tiebreaker.
    • Do not play a tiebreaker if the score is 4-4 after playing 8 games.
    • Simply report the score as 4-4.
  5. Immediately after finishing a total of 8 games…
    • DO NOT play any extra games.
    • Leave the match balls on the court (for the next match).
    • Immediately report the score back to the host desk.

PAST Champions

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Wash Park TC

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